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Waiting Too Late to Get Help Could Sink Your Declining Company

When you launched your company, the financial reins were likely held tight in your own hands. Now, facing declining growth, you might be tempted to maintain that control. But in a downturn, not getting financial and strategic help could sink your company. Here’s why:

1. Denial Can Be Expensive: It’s natural to resist accepting a slowdown. A skilled financial expert can provide an objective assessment of your financial health, identifying areas for cost-cutting and uncovering hidden inefficiencies. Ignoring the data can lead to missed opportunities to course correct.

2. Restructuring Requires Expertise: Turning a declining company around requires strategic financial planning. A CFO can help restructure debt, negotiate with creditors, and develop a clear turnaround plan. Their experience allows them to navigate complex financial situations and secure the best possible outcomes.

3. Funding Options Need Navigation: Declining growth might necessitate external funding. A CFO can identify potential investors or lenders, develop compelling financial presentations, and guide you through the fundraising process. Their expertise can make the difference between securing crucial resources or facing a financial dead end.

4. Cash is King, Especially Now: During a downturn, cash flow management is paramount. A CFO can implement strategies to optimize cash flow, prioritize spending, and identify areas for cost reduction. Their focus on cash preservation can be the lifeline your company needs to weather the storm.

5. Refocusing for Future Success: A financial expert can help you analyze market trends and identify new opportunities. Maybe it’s time to pivot your business model, divest underperforming assets, or explore new markets. Their insights can help you refocus your resources and lay the groundwork for future success.

Don’t Go Down with the Ship:

A part-time CFO isn’t a luxury, it’s a lifeline. Their expertise can provide the objective analysis, strategic planning, and access to resources that can help you navigate a decline and even emerge stronger. Bringing on a qualified financial professional shows investors and stakeholders you’re committed to turning things around.

Ready to Delegate for Growth?

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Investing in financial expertise can be the catalyst for a successful turnaround and the key to unlocking future growth for your company.

Kimberly Loftis is owner of Loftis Consulting, a Chicago-based CFO Consultancy practice specializing in part-time and fractional CFO services. To learn more about Loftis Consulting visit

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