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Financial Modeling

Being an entrepreneur of a start-up is hard enough. You may know your business or industry but lack an understanding of financial statement modeling – – – bringing together the essence of the business strategy through numbers.

Loftis Consulting can help create credible financial statement models with key drivers for all of your needs. Our staff has over 15 years experience in building financial models for both start-ups and established businesses in roles with global banks and other Fortune 500 companies. Our projection models can help you raise venture capital and assess new business opportunities. Sounds simple but not getting this right is often a major cause of funding failure. There are so many ways that businesses miss the mark on preparing credible financial projections for business and strategic plans. Let us help you not make those mistakes.

What makes us different from other business plan shops is that we take great care in knowing your industry and competitors before creating your financial projection models. We are not just a numbers shop. Industry and competitive factors weigh heavily in the financial model projections that we create.

Custom Financial Model Pricing:

Our pricing for financial projection modeling is quite simple. We believe you should not have to pay for every change especially when you are still adapting to changes in your business environment.

One fixed price for a financial statement model including key drivers for industry information that is readily accessible. For information that will require the purchase of specialized industry reports, the cost of the report will be additional. Your pro forma financial statement model will include:

  • Income Statement (5-years)
  • Balance Sheet (5-years)
  • Cash Flow Statement (5-years)
  • Key Driver Model (if needed)
  • Key Driver/Assumption Sheet

We will make any necessary changes to the financial models for a period of 12-months from beginning of the engagement or first round of funding, whichever occurs first for no extra charge. We believe you should not have to pay for the constantly changing environment driven by potential investors, competitors and new technologies.

Financial Model Review Services:

Loftis Consulting also offers inexpensive reviews of existing financial models for those businesses that have already created one. We can help point out any issues or problems regarding your pre-existing financial model that may hurt the credibility of your business plan. This service is great for bootstrapped and lean start-ups. Visit our Financial Model Review Service page to learn more.

Ready to get started or learn more about what we have to offer, call us today at (312) 772-6105. See below what some of our clients have to say about us.

I am a start-up digital entertainment company, Target Entertainment Properties (TEP). We have worked with Loftis Consulting over the past year and the service has been Superb! Kimberly Loftis is smart, dedicated and consistent. She tells you the business truth, exactly the way that you need to hear it factual and accurate! Specifically, she has worked with TEP on financial modeling, financial statements, business advice and tax implications. I highly recommend Loftis Consulting. – Y Lawson, President & CEO, Target Entertainment Properties

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