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Retail Management Program

Spa & Salon Services

Through Loftis Consulting's close partnership with Feltis Investments, we offer an option to stock and sell inventory with virtually no upfront costs. This way, you can invest in your business' day-to-day needs or respond to an unexpected expense without breaking the bank.

Benefits of the Program

  • Monthly retail sales revenue
  • No inventory carrying costs
  • Third-party management of retail inventory and promotions resulting in increased sales
  • Sales training and sales incentives for staff resulting in increased sales

Plus, by taking advantage of this program, you won't use up your existing funding sources, like a home equity line of credit, credit card or bank account. They will still be available to you for other things when you need them.

How It Works

Your authorized consultant, in conjunction with Feltis Investments, manages your retail inventory program.

  • You decide on amount of deposit for first order and whether it will be prepaid or paid from initial retail sales
  • Feltis Investments purchases retail inventory up to the agreed deposit amount
  • Feltis Investments earns a share of the profits from the monthly retail sales
  • Loftis Consulting actively designs and manages retail promotions, staff sales incentives and staff training
  • Loftis Consulting will restock inventory for replenishment

Term of agreement will be for one year. Your option to renew or not. Your cost - - reimbursement for prior month's retail sales at cost plus Feltis' share of the profits for the products sold in the prior month. No cost until product is sold.

To see an example of how this program works click here