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If you were to ask a group of entrepreneurs about the key to success in any business, they might each give a different answer to the next person. Some business owners might say that the key to success is finding an innovative product the consumer can’t resist. Some business owners might say a strong brand is all that matters. Some business owners might say you simply find your gap in the market and excel from there.

While the above things are components of success, to some extent, no business is anything without a well-functioning workplace. Your employees are the brain cells of your business. It doesn’t matter how interested consumers are in the branding of your company or the fact that you’re addressing a gap in the market; if the standard of customer service and product quality doesn’t deliver because of a poorly-functioning workplace then your business isn’t going to be successful. The workplace is the heart of your business and here’s how to get it back on track.



You need to foster a collaborative mentality and determined spirit in the workplace if you want your employees to stay on track. If they’re not communicating well with one another or with you as their employer then things are going to start to fall apart. Forget the dull “school desk” layout of your office; encourage a light and friendly atmosphere in which your workers are in an open-layout environment with the ability to communicate ideas to one another. Freedom is key here; perhaps some employees will still prefer to work alone at their desk so as to get everything done on time but they should still have the option to collaborate when necessary. Most importantly, make sure you communicate with your workforce; hold frequent meetings to update your employees on current products and objectives so that nobody loses focus of the end-objective.


Health and safety

‘Health and safety’ needs to be a priority in the workplace. Give your employees ergonomic chairs and keyboards so as to protect their posture. It’s about safeguarding their health but also ensuring people can work effectively; employees with aches and pains won’t be focused on their job. Of course, workplace safety most likely extends beyond the office if your company deals in manufacturing or packaging goods. You also need to think about the safety of workers in the warehouse if this is the case. Hard hats and work-appropriate clothing are a given but you also need to ensure your employees are trained in keeping themselves and their co-workers safe.

One person’s mistake could put other people in danger so ensure that everybody is qualified with regards to using all the tools and equipment at their disposal. With regards to the safety of the warehouse itself, you might also want to look into features such as a ladder safety gate to provide protection against falls from the loading dock. Remember, it’s your duty as the employer to keep your employees safe in their working environment just as much as it’s their responsibility to keep themselves safe.



As mentioned earlier, a strong workplace needs strong and determined employees. Communication is part of this but productivity might still slip if people don’t feel excited about their jobs or their surroundings. If you want to increase productivity in the workplace then you need to create a work environment in which people feel inspired and passionate about what they’re doing. Giving praise can help with this; your employees want to feel like their work means something. If you notice their hard work then this could make all the difference. You could even offer rewards such as early finishes or bonuses at the end of the month to really incentivize employees to work harder so that they can get recognition and a prize.


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