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Sometimes when we plan out an event in our heads, and then put pen to paper, it looks perfect. There’s no downside, and there’s no drawbacks of any idea you just came up with, and you’re confident in your strategy. However, in practice, it didn’t go as well. Maybe it was just a bad night, maybe there was something else on, maybe you’re a perfectionist and what you saw wasn’t what you envisioned. No matter what may have caused a business event to go a little downhill compared to your vision, at the next time you want to make it bigger and better. Don’t know how? Here are a few hints towards that.











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Market Early and Market Well

This means you need to get those flyers, email invites, and online adverts for your function out at least a month before the event is planned to go ahead.

Similarly, create new campaigns for these events, as you’ll need plenty of points of contact in order to get people interested. Old and used marketing strategies may not work out so well, and can run stale pretty quickly when they’re all you have to offer.

Make information easily accessible first of all, and then build up from there. Include your phone number and even have calling campaigns if you’re confident enough to do so, or if people have already marked their interest in coming along. These are good first steps to take, one after the other, to get people initially invested in what it is you’re offering.


Make Tickets Readily Available

Ticket sales are often the main bane of the event. A lot of people won’t book tickets in the first few weeks, and thus the amount of seating, food and drink, and floor space suffers as a result.

Let people know that your tickets are on sale at an early time, but don’t give too much away. With this, you’ll get people who already want to come along to book their ticket early by putting them on a limited time sale. Let people have a bit of panic about losing out on their place, which also ups the exclusivity of your event; it’s a real moneymaker when you need it.


Have All Night Entertainment

It’s good to have a few displays at certain times, but making sure you have some kind of background focus throughout the whole night is a surefire way to success.

Getting yourself some music to play either quietly and softly, or loudly with impact to announce arrivals and the beginning of events, is a great move. You can hire out special bands for events, or let a friend or family member who has a band use this time to market their own music.

Business events vary from function to function, and sometimes the best laid strategies don’t work out, but these general tips will mostly flit back and forth between all types of event. Brainstorm your next function amongst a group, you never know where a good idea hides.


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