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Everybody wants to start a business (particularly readers of this blog). That’s because, deep down, we all want to do our own thing and create our own value, even if what we want to do isn’t particularly profitable. Some people are suited to creative endeavors, others to tasks that involve organization. But one thing that most people can do, if they put their mind to it, is starting a transport business.

When it comes to transport, there are many alternative routes you could pursue. Here are some of the transportation businesses you could start tomorrow.


Bespoke Transport Services











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Rather than knuckling down and focusing on a single trade, many entrepreneurs looking for an avenue into the transport business start off by offering general services for unusual items. Construction companies, private individuals, and businesses are constantly looking for services that can carry unusual or hazardous items from one location to another. And because they pay one-off prices per job, the money is often good. (No bulk discounts driving down your margins). You could focus on providing services to a particular area, such as a business park, and make a name for yourself in the local community. Whenever anybody needs a one-off job doing, they’ll come to you first.


Removals Business

Setting up a removals business is a lot easier than most people imagine. All you need is a truck, and you can find one at Truck Dealers Australia, as well as other places online. You’ll also need some workers to help move items from people’s houses, which you can quickly pick up through local adverts or job sites.

You will, of course, be competing against students who rent out trucks and do the work themselves, but as a fully-fledged business, you can offer additional services, such as storage facilities.

The biggest cost you’ll face is buying the truck. But with the vast assortment of financing options available today, paying for capital is cheaper than you think. If your business goes pear-shaped, you can always trade in your truck and recoup your costs.


Owner-Operator Truck Driver

If you’ve been in the trucking industry for a while and know the ropes, then becoming your own, owner-operator truck driver can be very lucrative. Why let the truck operator skim off profits from your wages for the rest of your life when you can strike out by yourself? Although there are risks associated with going it alone, the market for transport and distribution services is still expanding at a rapid clip, around 5 percent per year. This means that there are plenty of new opportunities to exploit in the sector.


Taxi Service

Ridesharing companies have changed the game when it comes to transport businesses. Right now we have an Uber for taxi services, and soon, we’ll have an Uber for practically everything else, including trucking. In the meantime, if you want to get started with your own contractor business as quickly as possible, consider signing up with a ridesharing site. They pay you on a weekly basis, and you could take home $10 an hour.


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