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The new buzzwords in business are ‘green’, ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘sustainable’, and there is a good reason for this. Over 70% of millennials are willing to pay more for an environmentally sustainable product. This statistic has driven businesses all over the world to try and give their processes, manufacturing and marketing some solid green credentials. There are some simple steps that you can take to embrace the new trend for sustainable technology and processes without breaking the bank.










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Agile Working

By implementing a policy of flexible working, you are handing control back to your employees and empowering them to streamline their own work processes. The green tint that flexible working lends to your business lies in the reduction in commuting.  As a result there is lower use of fuel and petrol and diesel. The widespread use of conference calls, WebEx and Skype, enables your employees to be present in business meetings from the comfort of their own home. You may even see productivity increase as your staff team is more content when working on their home patch.















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Initiate Eco-Friendly Schemes

Although working from home is a solution to reducing carbon emissions to a certain extent, it is impossible for your employees to work from home every day. Encourage car sharing by reserving spaces in the car park for those that don’t drive to work alone. Even more beneficial to the environment is a subsidized cycle scheme. Launch your initiative with a ‘cycle to work’ day advocating not only the environmental aspect of the scheme but also the health benefits. Lead by example, strap on the hi-vis vest and get on your bike.











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Reduce Wastage

The shocking amount of water, paper and electricity waste can be staggering. How many times have you been walking around your building to discover meeting rooms with nobody in them, yet every single light is on causing your energy bills to rocket? You could look into the taps in your office and fix any leaks and the next time that your office kitchen needs a new dishwasher ensure that it is Energy Star rated.

However, the waste that is the most mind blowing of all is that of paper. The amount of waste paper bins that are overflowing with screwed up pieces of A4 and shredded documentation because somebody printed out the wrong page can be difficult to comprehend. Every person in the U.S.A uses, on average, 700 pounds of paper every year. It is unfathomable how much of this is wastage. You could streamline your administration processes to prevent paper waste by installing contract lifecycle management software. Storing all of your contracts and legal documentation relating to clients electronically means you will have to print them out less frequently creating a near paperless office.

Make your business a green beacon for all other companies in your local area to follow. Initiatives and schemes are beneficial, but you also need to consider the quick fixes. Make sure your staff understands the impact that their action, or sometimes inaction, has on the business finances. Make sure all monitors, photocopiers, screens and printers are turned off at the end of every work day. Stop providing paper cups for the water cooler and encourage your employees to bring their own refillable containers. Each of these small tweaks to your office environment will lead to enhanced eco-credentials.











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Source Your Suppliers Wisely

If you are a manufacturer, whether large scale or cottage industry, it pays to investigate the eco-credentials of your suppliers. Are they local meaning you are reducing your carbon footprint? Do they use recycled materials when producing parts for your products? Your expenses may increase as a result of sourcing greener suppliers, but the modern consumer is willing to pay more for a sustainable item. If you market your product effectively and to your target market, you will see an increase in sales and a boost in profits.










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Recycle As You Grow

As your business becomes more successful and you renew your electronic equipment, consider how you will dispose of your old technology. Laptops, printers and photocopiers that are still usable but simply old will be of great use to local charities, schools and hospitals. Put the feelers out, forge links with local organizations and offer up your equipment. By doing this you will be creating meaningful links with your local community and enhancing your eco-credentials in equal measure.

Going green will see your chances of staying in the black increase. Enthusing your employees into taking an active role in the drive for sustainability will generate a more content workforce, enhanced productivity and increased profits.

Remember going green is not only creates a safer environment but may save your business money in the long run.  Interested in ways to stop waste and save on expenses, give Loftis Consulting a call at (312) 772-6105.


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