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For small businesses taking a product to market is a giant leap into the world of business. If you’re about to go through this circumstance, you’ll find it’s a very demanding moment in the life of your professional career. Managing inventory from the manufacturing point, then finding a suitable area to store the products, then onto distributors is a lengthy birthing process that has multiple, complex components. After having built the product, you have to physically move the bulk of goods to an adequate storage facility where they don’t lose their value while sitting on the shelves. Part of your financial planning could be to run your own storage facility and delivery service to distributors, cutting out the middleman, and saving money. Allocating enough resources to make this happen on time and monitoring and improving efficiency to this stage is a very difficult but open task which small businesses can use to think outside the box.










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Adequate space

It helps to accelerate the business flow if you have the proper amount of storage. It’s better to be under stocked and have more space than it is to having increased demand but not enough storage space. Small business can avoid large charges that warehouse storage companies charge, by taking the middle man out of the equation. You can build your own metal barn, so you have your own storage facility at an address of your choosing. Strong and well-crafted, the facility is designed and made by specialists in the professional steel building industry. By running this advantage, It could be nearer to your business, so you keep a closer on your product during shipping and transporting to distributors.










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Faster distribution

A small business will initially be physically dealing, with the local market and perhaps regional demand. It’s therefore imperative that the storage facility puts older stock in front of the new, so products don’t get backlogged and money wasted. This is particularly crucial for small businesses because items that don’t sell or go past their expiration date are going to be difficult to sell even for a lower price. Essentially, your business will be subject to a time-sensitive warranty which distributors want to be able to give the most to their customers. With direct control over the storage, the inventory can be quickly dispersed to many ‘easy access’ docking areas of your storage facility.


Staff and efficiency

Owning a self storage facility allows you to hire staff that can take on multiple tasks at once and prosper. Cutting down on costs, small businesses can hire packing and shipping staff, so each product is ready to be shipped and delivered. With an extensive sales analysis, you arrive at a conclusion which products occupy the storage shelves for longer. Working directly with your staff, detecting slow moving items can help you to increase space for items that are selling well. Additionally, looking at the sales reports and working together, the inventory you have can be tweaked so items that aren’t selling can be dropped in number.


Deliver the goods yourself

Personally owning a storage facility also means you can deliver inventory to distributors yourself. By renting a couple of delivery trucks, hire staff to make trips to distributors directly working with the storage team. Drastically cutting costs and reliance on delivery service businesses, your trucks can work at all times of the day and night. Not only does this make your business more fluid, but you can fulfill orders from multiple distributors in rapid succession.

If your business is struggling with any of these decisions for inventory management, control and distribution, give Loftis Consulting a call at (312) 772-6105.  Loftis Consulting can help by reviewing your cost structure to help your business find the right solution for your business to grow profitably.



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