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In the business world, your digital presence can define how successful your company is going to be. However what digital presence means is more complex than it seems. It can relate to how people find your website, how they use it, the messaging your share, various aspects of your communication, or even the content that you publish. Discover below the 5 commandments of a success digital presence.

#1. Thou Shalt Be Crawler-Friendly

When you have a business website, it is essential that your website is easy to find for users. In the world of search engine optimization, the only way to make it stand out from the crowd online is to ensure that crawlers can access every page of your website. Crawlers are used by search engines to read your website. As they do, they are then able to call your website as a result for relevant search terms. It is, therefore, necessary that you make the crawlers’ task as easy as you can. The use of metadata, such as schema.org for instance, is a great way to give an in-depth reading to your content.






#2. Thou Shalt Be User-Friendly

Users who come to your website want to be able to enjoy the experience. This starts with offering a website that is accessible from all devices, whether smartphone or computer. Visitors who can’t access your website from their phone will simply be looking for a competitor’s website that offers a responsive design. Additionally, your navigation needs to be clear and understandable. Nobody likes to click through a labyrinth of menus before finding the information they want.


#3. Thou Shalt Not Be Self-Centered

In a normal day-to-day conversation, people tend to ignore those who only talk about themselves. The same argument is valid for businesses. If your messaging is only focused on your company and not on your customers, then people will lose interest. Marketing communication is about empathizing with your potential buyers and with their issues. It’s about talking to them, and not at them.










#4. Thou Shalt Be Consistent

When you build your digital presence, it is essential to remember that, while the web content and the social media posts might be the responsibilities of different team members, they will be read by the same user. As a result, consistency is a keyword for you to remember. It is about keeping your voice consistent across all digital platforms. Additionally, social media posts need to be regular and have suitable content. As an real estate agency, people don’t expect you to post kitten videos. But they will welcome comments about financing options.

#5. Thou Shalt Be Useful

Last, but not least, your content has to be useful. People don’t want to waste their time reading something that isn’t interesting or pertinent. In short, don’t write content that doesn’t respond to a user’s need. In other words, users don’t care about your latest social event between colleagues, or how much coffee you drink at work. That’s not what they come to you for.


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