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We heard a rumor the other day that people buying and selling products now make up the majority of startups. It’s hard to tell whether this is true or not in a world where Fake News is so rife it litters the Twitter feed of the US President, but one thing is for sure, buying and selling are becoming more and more popular. It has to be. It is just easier to sell things than ever before.

But just because you want to start selling things online doesn’t mean you are going to be successful at it. No. Success requires knowing a few tips and tricks, the kind that we have laid out for you below.










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The Only Thing That Works Is Work

Yeah. We’re sorry to say that there is no corner cutting in this game. None whatsoever. Yeah, you could get lucky, but the work still needs to be put down in order for your luck to strike. There is a positive to all this, though, which is the level playing field you are entering onto. There are millions of customers just waiting in the wings, you just have to beat the thousands of competitors on either side of you, and that is where the work comes in. The good thing is, money is not an issue, just work ethic, so make sure you are the hardest working person on the internet and you’re halfway there.


Your Niche Lorraine

There is a difficult thought-process to balance when deciding your market. Do you go into a small niche knowing that your customers will have a better chance of finding you, or do you go into a bigger niche knowing that the pool of customers is bigger? Yeah, it is a balancing act where competition and size of the market play an almighty role. So think about what you are selling and what approach would suit you best. We always think it is better to get found first and then grow from there.











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A Reassuring Service

People now look at an average of three reviews before buying something online, which suggests they need reassurance. That comes from great customer service. It could be that you offer them a money-back guarantee if they are not satisfied, or a warranty. It could be that you sell electronic goods, in which case it will be worth partnering up with someone like icrfq.com so you can extend your warranty without worry. It could even be that you secure your site with a trusted anti-virus brand, like McAfee, which you can explore at mcafee.com. Whatever it is, make sure you are reassuring your customers, and telling them that it is safe to buy from you and that your after-sale service is just as reassuring.


You Can’t Succeed Without Promotion

Your website could look slicker than Apple’s and your blog could be more informative than Wikipedia, but without promoting your business you will not succeed. So put yourself in the shoes of your customers. What search engine will they use? Are there any forums out there you could make noise on? Would it be more suitable for you to use Twitter or Instagram? Perhaps you could also actively seek recommendations or reviews on other sites that get a lot of traffic? Yes, this will take time and it will take some effort, but that all falls under the first point; the only thing that works is work. So find what works when promoting yourself and go in guns blazing.


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