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If your business has got to the point where you need to employ, give yourself a pat on the back. This is what dreams are made of, and all your hard work is finally paying off with expansion. But becoming a boss isn’t all about celebration. It’s important to note that your business is about to become a different beast. You are going from an entrepreneur to a manager, and those are two very different things. The chances are, you put some thought into this when you started out. But, with the time finally here, we’ve some tips on how best to move forward.











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First, it’s important to consider what team you need behind you. This includes every aspect of employment, from the types of people to the size of your team. The chances are that, though things are on the up, you don’t have much money to waste. So, it’s important you don’t employ too many people at this stage. Work out a skeleton crew. You can always get more people if need be. Think, too, about which types of people you need on your team. It may be that you value qualifications more because you need someone skilled. Or, it may be as simple as hiring someone you warm to. This is important if the job is not a skill specific one, but the two of you will be working in close proximity. You could even consider hiring freelance workers instead of physical ones. This is often a good idea at first because it means you don’t have to worry about paying for holiday or working out taxes. Plus, with Skype and other programs, it’s never been easier to make this work. At the end of the day, your business is your baby. It’s important to take time considering who you want to hand it to and how.











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It’s also important you get up to speed on management know how. It may be worth doing something like an online masters in management. Studying remotely means you can continue to work, and earn, as you go. But, a course like this will help you know everything you need to about being in control. Having the know-how will help you stay calm under pressure, which is a skill every manager needs. It’s also worth turning to the internet for information about legal responsibilities. Not having that knowledge could end with your getting sued.

We all have an experience with mean management at some point. Make sure to remember any bad experiences you’ve had to stop you doing the same to your colleagues. A lot of power is about to fall into your hands, and it’s easy to get carried away. But, if you let the power get to you, you could find yourself with staffing problems. Be kind to your employees. Try to strike a balance between being the boss, and also being a friend. Nice bosses get better results!


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