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It wasn’t so long ago that businesses could make do with having just an internet website to fulfill all their online needs. Then they needed a landing page to make sure that their customers were funneled through to the right products. After that came the social media revolution and companies realized that if they were going to succeed, they needed to be on social media websites as well as have their own.

It looks as if we’re moving to a new paradigm: the app. Recently estimates suggest that both the Google and the Apple store now host more than 1.3 million apps each. Some of them are terrible, of course, but the majority is designed to help businesses make more money. There are apps that help with all sorts of things, from organizing finances to planning your next hire.

But companies aren’t just using apps to make doing business easier: they’re creating them too. Some experts have suggested that the number of apps on the app markets has reached its peak and that we’re entering a period of consolidation. But that’s not how marketing expert Marcos Sanchez sees it. In fact, according to his estimates, apps will continue to swell as individual businesses start to realize their utility for things like in app advertising and as the price comes down. The average app used to cost more than $100,000 to develop. But now the figure is well below a quarter of that, making it something that is affordable for the majority of SMEs.


Businesses Need To Get Going

In the early days of the internet, there were a few businesses who put their stores online and succeeded while the rest waited, not realizing something truly disruptive had taken place. They soon caught on, but by that time, it was too late. The market was already saturated, and they’d missed the boat.













When it comes to apps, this is really the last chance saloon. Companies that don’t build apps today will find themselves falling further behind their competitors tomorrow. Sanchez says that one of the problems is the fact that many business leaders are older people who didn’t grow up surrounded by digital technology. It’s all happened so fast, it’s difficult for many of them to keep up or realize the utility. But using apps is becoming almost as common as using websites, especially for interacting with companies. Apps make going online and doing shopping much easier than using a browser which explains part of the reason why so many companies are making the investment.


Apps Are Ready For the Next Stage

If you’re a large company but haven’t yet made the jump to apps, then you might want to think about doing it now. Sanchez says that consumers no longer see apps as a luxury: instead, they’re just a standard way of interacting with firms. We could see a decline in browser use on mobile devices and an increase in app penetration. If this happens, regular internet-based companies without apps are screwed.


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