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Anyone running a business or looking to start one needs a support network. They need a client base, they need suppliers, they can benefit from partnerships with others from all over the industry. A good network can help you find cross-promotion opportunities, new funding possibilities, and plenty of great advice. But if you want to build it, you’re going to need to earn a little trust.











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You Have Long-Term Goals

Most others in the industry know a tall tale spinner when they see one. Young, gung-ho entrepreneurs might think it’s fresh and exciting to have someone to emphatically promise them the moon. But people in your network want to hear that you have grounded steps to work towards a greater plan. If you focus on building long-term relationships, it shows that you’re not just in it to grab what you want. There’s stability and reliability to what you bring to the table. Trust can’t appear in an instant, after all, it has to be built.


You Have Something to Show For Yourself

It can be hard to build trust when you’re a new fish in a pond filled with much older fish. You might not have the experience of a well-run business to show off, so you have to think what else you have to show. For instance, a practical education is more easily earned than ever. You can earn an online MBA with no GMAT, but you still need to put the work in. That qualification shows that you’ve put time into your craft even if you don’t yet have the real-world experience of getting your hands on the wheel. Some prior non-management or ownership experience in the industry shows that you at least have an understanding of what you’re getting into, too. Nothing sabotages a working relationship quite as bad as showing that you are completely lacking in the essential knowledge.


You’re Honest

It’s a simple idea but one that many find surprisingly hard in the real world. Being honest means not only making your expectations and what you have to offer abundantly clear. It’s not just about celebrating responsibly and avoid hyperbole. You have to be ready to admit and learn from mistakes at the same time. It all comes out in the wash, as they say. If you have had any prior failures (even minor ones) trying to hide them will only backfire later.


You Communicate Often

You can’t expect people to trust supposed businessmen who just show up and start making promises and asking for favors. Beyond having long-term goals, you need to have some amount of time invested in communicating with other business owners, with your team, and with your target audience. You have to show that you’re willing to learn and adapt, as well to share what you’ve learned.

If you want people to trust you, you have to show professionalism first-and-foremost. Honesty, planning, proof of expertise and a dedication to building those bridges are all essential. Without the ingredients mentioned above, people simply can’t trust you’re good for your word.



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