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It’s common for employees to have a day or two off sick every year. After all, sometimes it can be hard to avoid illnesses that are spreading around. And it might be the truth that they are very unwell. But if it starts occurring more often, it could be a sign something else is going wrong. And not only can days off jeopardize your company’s wealth, but it can bring down the morale in the office. After all, everyone else will have to pick up the workload which will leave you with unhappy employees. And if the staff member is constantly missing meetings with clients, it can leave them disgruntled too. However, there are some things you might be able to do to ensure they turn things around. After all, here are some of the top reasons why you staff member is not showing up (and some of them are your fault!)












They Are Not Enjoying Their Work

One of the top reasons why people start calling in sick for work is down to them not enjoying their work anymore. They can’t face coming in anymore to do their role. They might find it all too stressful and overwhelming. Or they might find that they are struggling to do the work as it’s too complicated. Or it might even be that they are finding it tedious and want more of a challenge. Whatever the reason, it’s time to chat with them for the sake of the productivity of the business. Ask them if they are happy with their current role. Hopefully, they might open up and tell you how they feel about the job. If you think they won’t talk to you, it might be wise to ask another senior employee to speak to them about how they are feeling. After all, they might trust them enough to tell them. You might want to ask their colleagues how they feel the employee is faring in the role. They might tell you what they are unhappy about so you can make changes. And once you make some changes to their role, you might find they turn things around as they will be happier and less stressed out in their position!
They Don’t Feel Respected At Work

It’s a sad fact that over half of employees don’t feel respected by their boss at the workplace. And it can bring down morale in your company, as well as make your employees not try as hard at work. After all, why would they want to do a great job if they find no appreciation after they have tried their best. And if they don’t feel respected, you might find that they start ditching work more often. After all, they are unlikely to show you respect if you are not showing the same back. So they might not try as hard to come to work and make a big effort every day. Therefore, to ensure you have happy employees again, make sure you show them that you do respect and appreciate them. It might be that you organize an event for them to celebrate their hard work. Or even look at giving them a small pay increase down to their hard work. And even speaking to them regularly to let them know where are they going right and wrong with their work can give them a boost. After all, it shows you are taking note of their work and want to help them improve in their job.


They Are Getting Sick Due To the Work Environment

It’s so easy to not keep on top of looking after the workplace. After all, you are all so busy trying to make a success out of the company that the condition of the office can go on the backburner. But it could be down to the work environment that could be making your employees sick so often. After all, if it’s not being kept in the best condition, they are going to pick up bugs a plenty. Therefore, make sure you hire a cleaning company who will come out to ensure all dust is removed before it starts causing your employees problems. Also, you need to make sure the air is filtering well in the office. After all, you don’t want poor ventilation which will make your employees unwell. Therefore, keep an eye on this and look at HVAC air filter replacement if things aren’t working properly. If you have a healthier work environment, you will soon find that absences reduce!


They Have Had a Disagreement with a Colleague

Even though you are busy trying to keep your business afloat, you do need to be aware of what is happening in the office. After all, if certain employees are not getting on, it might bring down the morale in the company. And the work being achieved might not be the best quality. After all, teamwork is so important to ensure the business is a success. After all, you are all working towards the same goal. And you might notice some staff members are off regularly due to their disagreements. After all, they might feel like they can’t face the other employee, so they don’t make it into work. Therefore, call the two employees in and try and find out what’s happening. Allowing them to both get their opinions out might help them to resolve the issue. If the issue can’t be resolved, it could be a good idea to move one of them to a different department. That way, they can both work separately without being involved with each other on a daily basis. And remember work bullying is a common issue. So make sure you go through the proper procedure of disciplining the staff member if they are making the other employee’s life a misery. Don’t just ignore the issue as it can become a lot worse if left undealt with!

And make sure they have plenty of space to work in the office. After all, they won’t want to come in if they have little room and feel crowded at work. In fact, it can bring down productivity if there is not enough workspace for people to do their job properly. Therefore, ensure they have a good sized desk and equipment to complete their role.


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