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If a business is to survive, it’s important that great people are found at every level of its structure. Not only are these the people who will manage the daily functioning of your business, but they are the ones promoting your brand image, interacting with the public and other businesses, making sure everything you do is above board and documented, and also providing ideas for long-term growth and profitability.

If you neglect your staff, you neglect your brand. This is why every company sees the importance of hiring good staff and looking after them. You may hire yourself or you may delegate that responsibility to trusted individuals. But are you really ensuring that you’re bringing the absolute best people into your business? Are you overlooking some simple factors that can determine if hiring them is a good choice or not?

It’s easy to be punctual and look good in your first, second or third interview. But does the specified individual have the temerity and inner character necessary in order to flourish in their role? What follows are the most important, lesser understood factors that can help you identify the resource you’re really after.


Are They Familiar With The Subtleties of Their Role?

This is role dependent, but it’s still something to look out for. Instead of only quizzing your prospective employee on how well they’ve familiarized themselves with your business (easy to do online,) how much do they actually know about the role they are asking to undertake? Do they know the subtleties? For example, do they know how to buy b2b leads? Are they familiar with the psychology of marketing? Drawing up a list of the lesser known aspects of the role you’re advertising and quizzing them about one at random can give you an idea of how well they’d learn.

Not knowing how to perform what you’re asking isn’t necessarily a downside either. If they’re forthright that they don’t know the topic at hand, and honestly seem like they’re enthusiastic to learn, that can be a great resource in itself. Remember, this is someone you’ll be interacting with for a while. Getting a good judge of their character at every opportunity will be advantageous.


How Do They Interact With Those In The Waiting Room?

This is a sneaky trick, but one to think about. If you’re interviewing a number of people that day, consider placing someone outside to wait in the hall with the potential recruits, posing as an interviewee. This might be a better way to get a grip on someone’s character, as they’re more likely to be honest about how they truly feel about the process and job. This will only work if you can justify paying someone to sit in a room all day, but if you do, it might yield interesting results.


Do They Have A Sense Of Humor?

This is a great quality to look for. Dependent on your personality, it might be interesting to drop a light comment or joke and see if your employee runs with it. Nerves might abate their response, but if they make an awkward attempt to continue the humor, this might be more of a positive sign than someone who decides not to for risk of ‘blowing it.’ This could also show an ability to take risks, which is invaluable. As we all know, offices that joke together stay together.

Keep this list in the forefront of your mind in order to profit the most from your interviewing process. You never know, it might just help the day become that little bit more interesting.


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