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When it comes to getting your business known and promoting your products and services among a certain industry, you can do a lot worse than attending a trade show. The main reason for this is accessibility. After all, a lot of the people that attend trade shows can be nigh on impossible to reach otherwise. Think about it, a trade show is basically a place where every professional in your industry gathers for two or three days. It makes for ideal pickings.

However, attendance at these things can cost a pretty penny, to say the least, so make sure have a battle plan that will allow you to squeeze absolutely every drop of use out of it. You need a plan that will help you get the most out of your being there, and here is how:












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Picking the One

As with everything, there are so many options these days, so you need to make sure you pick the right trade show. This means research. It means looking at each website, scrutinizing the attendee list, seeing who is speaking or what networking events are being promoted there. The more knowledge you have the easier it will be to make a decision.


Nailing Your Booth

The thing with a trade show is there is a lot of white noise. The whole space is packed full of competitors vying for business, and trying to lure in the business deal of their lives. You need to beat these people; you need to shout louder than them, which means you need to add all you can to your arsenal. If you don’t know what we mean then you need to look at this range from Dynamic Gift. Feather banners, floor mats, printed tablecloths, expo displays and display stands. All of these are things that will turn heads and start conversations.


Stay At the Sponsor Hotel

Most trade shows will have a hotel that is associated with the event, and this hotel is where you need to get a room. Sure, Airbnb may be cheaper, so may another hotel, but paying that extra premium is going to be worth it because this is where most of the retailers, buyers, customer and clients will be staying. They won’t just be sleeping there either. After each long day at the trade show, these people will be heading to the bar for a few cocktails, and what better chance is there than that to network.


Plenty of Business Cards

Have business cards, plenty of them, and have them on you at all times because they still matter. Yes, the event itself will be your biggest chance to litter the hall with your cards, but when it comes to networking at these things you could meet potential contacts everywhere. The lobby, the elevator, the bar, the smoking area; everywhere, so make sure have a card to hand out. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t.


Your Plan of Attack

Preparation is going to be your best friend here. You only have two or three days to get everything you need doing, done; so make it count. Have a goal and have objectives. Get there early and get both a map and a directory; this way you can map out which booths you want to hit and in what order. Once you’ve hit them, tick them off and then when you have hit them all, and only when you have hit them all, allow yourself to walk around at your own leisure. It could be you even have a list of secondary objectives to meet. Plan, plan, plan.


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