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The way one would run a business has changed dramatically in the last few twenty or so years. The internet has changed everything. People can sit at home and run a multi-million dollar business. Just look at Amazon, or Uber, and how they have forged their business just on the internet. It is a great platform for success and many business owners have forged their path online. However, although the internet had a big impact it can be argued that social media had an even bigger one. This impacted marketing and the way people reach out to contact others. There are millions of people who use social media. And there are many platforms to choose from, for example Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, etc. If you and your business can tap into but a part of this huge following you can garner many sales and increase your visibility. It is arguably the best place to advertise at the moment bar none. The following article highlights why it is important for your business and how you can benefit from it. You may have thought about some of these, but if not give it a go.

In the first case you need to create a business page. It is similar to a profile but quite obviously not that of a person. You should ensure the photo is good too. This is what people will see first. It can be of your storefront if it is nice enough or maybe it can just be of your business logo. Try to make it eye catching and alluring. It must not be boring. When you have just set up in may be hard to garner attention. As such you could buy Facebook likes. It can give your page the boost you may be looking for. After this more likes will follow naturally and as a result more people will visit your business page.













To make your business page attractive and worth repeat visit you need to post great content. This is usually in the form of an article or two a week. The issue is in getting it right. It needs to be perfect with no mistakes in it so that you keep your reputation intact. If you aren’t too good at writing then hire a freelance writer, you can get it quite cheap if you approach it in the right way. Don’t think about considering clickbait, it just annoys people and you will find yourself losing likes faster than you can count. In the content you need to promote yourself, sprinkle it with links back to your home page for example.

You could consider a video too. Making a marketing video is hard work. However, there are people out there who can help. They are attractive because it is far easier to watch a video than read a long article. There’s a reason all the great big companies still use them. They can be posted across the board too on all of the sites you use.


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