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If you’re an employer who cares about the well-being of the team then the chances are that you are already on the lookout for some of the more obvious safety risks. You’re providing training and personal protection equipment. You’re identifying fire and electrical risks. You’re keeping the workplace floor spotless to prevent slips, trips, and falls. It’s all good work, but you need to look even closer at the workplace to find some of the hidden causes of danger still lurking. It’s a good idea to consider the points below and see whether they may or may not be relevant to your business.












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In most cases, businesses believe that they’re not responsible for what happens outside their property. But sometimes they don’t fully understand where their property extends to. If there are any outdoor areas that are exclusively or almost exclusively used by employees and customers, there’s a good chance you could be responsible for them. This means dealing with risks like the effects of winter weather and ensuring walkways are clear. It might mean using arborists to keep trees from being a hazard in windy weather. For the safety of any employees working at night, it might even mean installing more external lights to provide a safer environment around the business. Even if it’s not your responsibility, you should consider making it a priority.


In the Lights

Lights aren’t just important in the outdoors. Inside the building, you’re probably well-aware of how important lighting is to preventing accidents like slips, trips, and falls. However, even if no one ever takes a spill due to dim lighting, it might still be doing some harm to them. For one, poorly contrasting the glow of a computer screen can lead to recurring problems like migraines and eye strain. Poor lighting is also known to be responsible for low levels of productivity and motivation which can later lead to outbreaks of stress amongst your workforce. Great lighting doesn’t just create a safer environment. It creates a much more comfortable one where people can maintain the kind of focus to produce better results for you and the business.











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Up High

If you work in construction or similar industries then you already know the importance of ensuring that equipment and practices around scaling heights are followed to the letter. But those aren’t the only workplaces in which heights can be danger. If your business property has accessible heights, whether they be balconies or roofs, you have to ensure they’re made as safe as possible. Guardrails might need to be installed around sunroofs and edges. Drops like ladders need to be very visibly marked. Most importantly, you have to be strict about where and when employees and customers alike are allowed to access these higher areas.


In a Chair

One of the most important parts of getting safety savvy about your workplace is learning that risk can appear regardless of what kind of work environment you’re in. Yes, the manufacturing plant might be a more dangerous place to work than the office, but the office brings its own risks which can be just as serious, especially over the long-term. Sitting is not the healthiest activity for people to indulge in. But office work often demands it. Sitting for too long can increase exposure to back pain and to risks of repetitive strain injury.  Invest in creating a more ergonomic environment. This includes seats that provide proper lumbar support and the option to use desks that can extend into standing desks.











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The outcomes of the different risks of work aren’t always immediately noticeable. When you’re feeling the pressure, it’s tempting to pass it onto the employees, to pull the team together for crunch time and see some results. However, this crunch time is not only dangerous, it’s rarely effective. People do no work better under the constraints of stress in most cases. Revisit it too often and leads to cases of fatigue and burnout that aren’t only a terrible experience for the individual but create an unfriendly environment where employees might start considering that they’re being taken advantage of. Avoid too many stressful demands at work, from permanent night shifts and requested overtime to divvying out work to those who might already have a full plate-load. Understand what your employees are currently dealing with before you ask them for any more.

Ensuring the safety of your team and your customers is never a battle that ends. Just as you need to maintain and updated current practices, you should always be thinking about the risks that you haven’t tackled yet. Make risk assessments a regular occurrence for the health of everyone involved.


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