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Organization has long been referred to as the cure for poor productivity, and yet so many people still refuse to believe they have the time to actually go about organizing their office. We’re not talking about little bits and bobs that make your office look more aesthetically appealing, you know, rearranging piles of paperwork so that they are in a neat pile or relocating these files to another part of the room. No, we mean actual organization that has been proved to save businesses huge amounts of money through improved operational productivity.

The hard part, of course, is getting started. It feels like you have to commit to one huge assault on your office, but it shouldn’t be seen like that. Organizing yourself better should be seen as an ongoing project. That will take the mountain feeling away from the challenge and bring in a new culture of efficiency.


Start With a Physical Decluttering

The best place to start is always with a purge. That means get rid of anything and everything that you don’t need or use. Empty draws of dust-gathering items, shred papers you no longer need, burn anything you don’t want. Seriously, a physical reorganization of your space will make you feel fantastic, will make your staff feel freer and give you that motivation to crack the whip in other areas of your office. This could be little things like dead plants or big things like unused sofas and printers that need repairing. Be ruthless.


Specific Zones for Specific Tasks

Okay, instead of just having an office that is essentially a free-for-all, why not challenge that idea and designate certain areas to uphold certain tasks. Have a specific area for your design team, and a room for your sales force, and then give a corner up for your supplies cabinet and whatever else. The more you give certain things a place the easier it will be for people to put things in those places. If your employees know where someone or something is, they will be able to operate faster. That is a good thing.


Reorganize Your Shared Network

So this is way too often an area of concern, and yet the longer it is left the worse it gets. When you have a shared area on your computers, it becomes very easy for it to get jumbled. As such, you have a few options. First, print off a handbook that details where certain files should be stored and your processes of filing. Secondly, get yourself some tip top CMMS maintenance software, which will almost completely remove the complications of your asset management. Bingo. Thirdly, dedicate some time each week or month to have someone go through your network and reorganize anything that needs reorganizing. It is always safe to limit the damage as best as possible, and this three-pronged attack does that.


Limit Your Internal Meetings

We’ve said this before (a million times) and we’ll say it again (just once), your internal meetings are probably letting you down big time. Look at it this way. You have an internal meeting that requires eight people attend and should take a half hour. That is 4 hours of resource time. That’s fine, that’s manageable, and that is streamlined. However, because there is no agenda for the meeting and people go off on tangents, the meeting lasts for 90 minutes. That is a lot of wasted resource time and wasted time is wasted money. Tighten that area up and do it now.


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