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Ask any serial entrepreneur – someone who has had successes and failures – and they will tell you that the reason they failed in the past is because they didn’t have the right team around them when they launched. Some of them will even tell you that they had no team. The reason this led to failure is because no one person has all the qualities to make a startup a success.

In order to take your idea and build it into something great, you need to accept that you don’t have all the skills necessary. You may be great at a lot of the things needed, but those weaknesses of yours will be your downfall. You need people that complement your skills and people that complement the team nicely too.

As such, here are the types of people you need to bring on from the outset.


You Need a Creative

The reason you need a creative person is because creative people tend to think about things in a different way and approach them from a different angle. They are ideas people. You may have had the original idea, but a creative will be able to expand on it, run with it a bit, solve solutions on the spot and see something that you may have missed. What’s more, creatives are people that see everything as art, your product include. They will find a way to link practicality, usability, and art together; fuse it. That will become a big selling point at the end of the process.


Someone Who Knows Technology

The reason for this is simple; technology has advanced our lives through increased efficiency and accuracy, and both of those will be assets when starting a company. They will know what software will be of best use, and how to use it. They will be able to take the lead when it comes to building a brand online. They will know how to perform a hard drive recovery operation when that day comes, and it always comes. And they will have the technical skills to actually build your product. Basically, we live in a technological day and age, and having someone who knows how to navigate those needs is going to be an asset.


A Finance Controller Is Seriously Necessary

When starting a company, you are always short of one thing – money. That is the common denominator among all startups. There just is never enough money at your disposal. That is where a finance controller comes in. They will be able to come up with a budget and let you know how every decision you make could affect that all-important bottom line. They know money, and so they will be able to tell you how much is available for this, what is bringing in the most revenue, what area of the business is leaking funds and how to secure further investment.


Someone Who Knows How to Sell

There is no point in having a business if you have no one to take the lead when it comes to maximizing your revenue streams. That is why you need to know what makes a successful salesperson and then hire that person. It could be that you bring on board a marketing executive that knows the different avenues available and what the different acronyms mean when it comes to strategizing your plan. It could be that they are experienced on the phone and as tenacious as a bulldog, able to get your products into stores and online. But without money coming in, your business will sink. It is a simple and terrifying formula.


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