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A startup requires a lot of resources to get it off the ground. From marketing to money, there is plenty to think of before the dream can become a reality. But, one thing you can’t forget is your employees. With the right people on board, a new, modern business can go from 0-60 in a matter of seconds. With the wrong people, it can end up on the scrapheap with the other 80%. So, who are the right people and what makes them valuable?












The Driven One

Although they seem arrogant, they are just confident and creative. Okay, they might be arrogant, but that isn’t a good reason not to hire them. People that work on a different level to the rest of the team are vital in areas like sales and marketing. It doesn’t matter whether you need hotel digital marketing or want to increase sales because they hit their targets. And, they do it with their can-do attitude and never say die mentality. They might be unbearable, yet they add enormous value to any startup because of the very qualities that make them hard to like.


The Expert

It might sound odd that a new company isn’t full of experts but it’s the truth. Most employees are good at their job and get the results, yet they tend not to be experts. The reason is that most people don’t need to be the best of the best to get results. A customer service advisor, for instance, only requires the qualities that put people at ease, as well as problem-solving skills. Some areas, though, are different. Marketing is one because it’s important to have a professional in charge of one of your main money-makers. Information technology is another as it is so hard to understand. In simple terms, they are the parts of the firm that require a wealth of knowledge and expertise.












The Midas Touch

If you aren’t familiar with the tale, everything King Midas touched turned to gold. Well, these people exist in business and they are pivotal to your success. They aren’t experts per se, yet that doesn’t matter because they always come up trumps. They are people who get results regardless of the situation, and they are hard to find. But, they aren’t impossible to find as long as you know what to look for in a worker. The attitude is the most important as they have to be tenacious, and you also want someone that is creative.


The Wordsmith

It is pointless to have all of the above if you don’t have someone to put it into words. What makes them so crucial is their ability to put their words into written form or to speak them aloud. In simple terms, they can motivate, teach and entertain people in a variety of ways. Plus, it is imperative to create a digital presence in today’s age, which means lots of unique and engaging online content. Anyone with a flair for words is someone you need to use to your advantage.












The above are only four people that can help, but there are plenty more. Find them all and you’re off to a good start.


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