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So you run a business, and you want to start heavily promoting your products on the Internet. You may think that a website is the only thing you need to sell online. For some traditional firms, they do pretty well online with just a site if they’re in an ultra-niche market. But, if your industry sector is a competitive one, you’ll need to do some more work to make your products more prominent in the marketplace.

By now, you’re perhaps wondering what are some of the best strategies to do that. Most people will tell you to set up a Facebook page or a Twitter profile, for instance.

But, there are quite a few places online to promote your goods. In fact, many of them might surprise you as you probably weren’t aware just how good a marketing option they could be! Want to find out more? Keep reading to learn more from these six examples!











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Users of the popular social networking site can save or “pin” images to “boards” in their accounts. Typically, the images are ones that come from websites. Each pin has a description of the web page, and users can categorize their pins by hashtags. Pinterest is great for sharing links to product pages on your site, and people can come across your content if it’s tied to a particular hashtag.



Everyone loves a discount on the things that they buy! Groupon is a website where people can take advantage of special offers on a variety of products and services. As a Groupon merchant, you could push sales of a particular item you sell during a promotion. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to upsell to customers once they’re on your website!


Google Shopping

So you’ve splashed out on a new site from a professional web design agency, and you’re using it to sell online to your customers. The trouble is, how do you drive new buyers to your website if they’ve never heard of you before?

One neat trick is to take advantage of Google Shopping. It works on the AdWords platform, meaning you have to pay for your ads. But, it allows you to reach a broad audience: Google users!










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How can a video help you to sell your products, you might be wondering? The thing is, it’s a proven fact that product videos can help companies sell their products! You could upload some videos showing your products in action. For instance, they could be clips showing how your goods solve a particular problem.



One of the things that influence online shoppers is reading positive reviews about the products that interest them. Trustpilot is a secure review website and one that your company should be embracing! When customers buy from you, they can leave reviews of their experience on Trustpilot. Plus, you can embed those reviews onto your website.



You’ve already got a website to sell products and services, so why do you need eBay? The thing about eBay is that you’ve got a massive marketplace available to you.

By setting up an eBay “store”, you can mirror the product listings on your own website. When you ship an eBay customer’s product, you can include a leaflet advertising your site and perhaps a discount code for their first order!











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