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When you have a small business, it can seem like a bit of a big step going from a business that might have been run from an office at home, to now being run in an actual office with a team of people. You want people to take your business seriously, which for many people is why they will move it to a premise. It can be hard to host clients or meetings if you are working out of your home, for example. It doesn’t set the right tone for the business, and it can put a lot of people off.

When you are starting out, lots of people will have an opinion about how you are doing things, whether you like it or not. So it is a good idea to make sure things like a website, business cards, and contact details all need to be in top form. Then people can take you seriously and feel like they’d be able to trust you. So creating a professional looking business is a key idea too. So if you’re just starting out and want to get off on the right foot, here are some ideas for you.

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Have a Great Looking Website

Everything is online nowadays. So if you want to be taken seriously, you need a website that looks good, responds well and provides lots of information for your potential customers or colleagues. People will most likely search the business name online and see what comes up, so it needs to be slick. Have social media profiles set up and the correct ways to contact you. You can even pay for a toll-free number or a PO Box address if you’d like it to look even more professional.


Create a ‘Uniform’

One of the good things about your own business is that you can set it up exactly as you’d like to. So you don’t need to have a proper uniform per say. But having something that does identify you and the team is really important. It could be that you choose a branded lanyard with adjustable options, or perhaps you’ll have badges or branded phone covers. You don’t have to be wearing the same clothes to look unified. But something that ties you all together is a good look, especially if you’ll be hosting client meetings from out of your office.


Provide Good Customer Service

If a customer emails you, then to have not responded within a couple of days is pretty bad form. Word does get out, especially with social media. If there are lots of negative things about your business or brand online, then it can make a massive difference to how well you can do. So provide good customer service and keep on top of your social media channels for that too.


Get Coverage

You want to create a bit of a buzz about your business and all that it is about. So get in touch with bloggers or journalists that are related to your brand. Get them to test products if that are relevant, or just to try out your business and give their opinion. No one is going to know about your business unless you let them know about it.


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