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It can be hard to gauge the needs of a person. Sometimes that person themselves won’t know what they need. We see this all the time in employees who use their leverage to negotiate only benefits that have some kind of financial perk to them. But the truth is that employees need more than money from you. Here are a few things that everyone needs even if they don’t realize it at the time.












Everyone needs the space and flexibility to do things their way. This doesn’t just mean offering flexible working times, locations, and devices. It also means allowing for a bit more autonomy in how someone does their job. You want to find the most efficient methods, but their ideas on that end might prove more well-informed than yours since they’re the ones actually doing the work. Even if they like their job, limiting them too much can be a real cause of stress because they feel like they’re being constrained by the role. Allowing employees a degree of self-control can really improve morale and can surprise you with the positive impact on productivity and the results of their work. That doesn’t mean you have to get completely hands-off with them. You should be there to offer your take on things when they need it.












Respect comes in many forms in the workplace. It isn’t just about saying your “pleases” and “thank yous”. It means allowing them to take responsibility for their goofs and taking responsibility of yours. It includes allowing that degree of autonomy. It also means implementing a few employee appreciation ideas to show that you know the role they’re performing is important and the results they provide matter. Without respect, people don’t really feel like they have a role to play in the business. Instead, they will just feel like a cog in the machine. That feeling will hurt morale, it will cause them to care less, making them less productive and it will see engagement in the business drop to all-new lows.












Seeing their results affect real change in a company is always going to be rewarding for employees. But you can’t expect them to work for you for years with only the business’ best interests in mind. They have futures they want to contribute to and by helping them do so, you can show that you consider the relationship with them important. Training employees and giving them the opportunities to learn new skills and responsibilities won’t just keep them focused on exploring their potential for themselves and the business. Failing to train them is risky, watching their skills stagnate to the point that they become a liability to the business more than anything else.

By anticipating the needs of your team and offering it to them, you show that you are more than the source of a paycheck. You are a person and you are invested in them as people. Showing that is by far the quickest way to win the loyalty and best possible efforts of your team.


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