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If you own a store or restaurant then you own a business that is customer facing. You need to get the right ingredients to ensure you perfect the store front, because this way you will bring more customers inside. Getting the front right isn’t easy, there are quite a few aspects to think about which all cost money, but it is certainly worth it in the long run as it contributes to your branding, your sales, and your overall respectability. Here are a few store front tips that can really help impact your business in the best ways possible. You may already do some of them, but if so, try the others and see if it makes a difference.


Go Digital

You may have seen many of the digital signage now available in shop windows. All forms of business signage are important, but you can really get your storefront standing out like never before with a digital display. People will stop and stare, and it may even entice them into your store. You need to be selective regarding what you put on the sign. Make sure it showcases your best quality products or food in a reel of wonder that forces people into your store.














Sampling your products outside your store is another great way to bring people inside. If it is a food based business cook up some delicious treats and sample them outside. Do this around lunchtime for an added chance of catching some hungry passersby who may just decide to do lunch with you instead of someone else based on the sample they have tried. Make sure whoever is sampling is an engaging person who is unafraid to approach people and draw them in. If you operate a product that isn’t food get someone to stand outside with it and ask people to come and take a look. Humans are inquisitive beings and it won’t be long before you have people interested.


Keep It Clean

A dirty store front usually speaks for a dirty interior. So make sure the glass is free of grime and cleaned regularly. The floor in front of your store also needs to be swept and free of casual litter and debris. Take a look at some of your competitor fronts and notice how clean they are. You need to do the same and you’ll be surprised by the amount of extra people you bring in.


Do Something Different

Hire an entertainer to attract people. Clowns, jugglers, all wearing your branding or using your products in some shape or form. Doing this really brings people in. There are all kinds of awesome marketing campaigns out there where businesses have attracted all kinds of new customers to their store by entertaining people outside of it. The more people who are near your store means the more who will go into it. Bringing people close is half the battle won already so really try to think outside the box to beat your competitors.


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