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There’s good news and bad news when it comes to operating a business that relies on tourism and wellness trade. The good news is that more people than ever are looking to get away and visit new destinations, and the same can be applied to the wellness and spa industry. People want to have a good time – and that’s evidenced by a global economic value of some $500 billion each year. The bad news is that this means there’s plenty of competition out there. Even small destination areas can have a dozen or more hotels competing for business, and many of these are chains – which benefit from a ubiquitous type of marketing. You can, however, still carve out a slice of the market – and here’s how.











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Be the Voice of the Destination

If you’re operating in an area that is even a little bit interesting – and we’re sure it must be – then make sure you closely link your business with the area. For starters, having a blog that details all the events that are going on in your city is a great place to start. You’re effectively piggybacking on the city’s reputation for delivering high quality events, but not in a sinister way – you’re part of this industry, part of the energy that makes the town thrive. If you’re a spa, position yourself as an added bonus to the day. So for example, making a note towards the end of the blog that your spa is the perfect place to unwind the day after a thriving festival. If you’re a hotel, then connect how far their accommodation would be if they booked your hotel as a base for the festival. It’s a small gesture that links you with the great things going on around town.


Staying in Touch

If you’re confident that your guests will love your spa or hotel, then you absolutely need to be cementing the relationship after they’ve left. This works best if you emphasize a personal relationship while they’re visiting your establishment, but it also works if you’re sure of the level of service you’re providing. Use Mingus Software to send a monthly newsletter, in which you can outline special offers and updates to your business. An annual mailed offered outlining discounts for specific dates will also serve as a prompt for past guests to book again. Even if they’re not going to return, that they’re in your mind may bring business from other sources, such as friends and family.


Targeted Marketing

A few years ago we looked at the return of investing in tourist magazine ads. This type of targeting marketing is an interesting avenue to explore, because it allows you to specifically tailor to your demographic. Whether it’s an airline magazine or local tourism guide will depend on the type of business you’re operating, but getting your voice out there, in publications that deal with tourism can be a healthy way to market your business. If you have a unique angle, invite the publications to your business and you m


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