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As a business owner you need to keep your workforce safe and ensure they are working in a way that promotes a safe way of working. You do this for their health, of course, but also to ensure you are showing due diligence in case anything goes wrong. It has been known for safety related lawsuits to bring down even super successful businesses. If your employees know they are safe, then their productivity will increase because they will feel like harm can’t reach them. Here are some stand out ways to keep your workforce safe and your business operational.

Set Clear Safety Rules

If you operate around heavy machinery then you may need to get some help doing this, such as from a safety analyst. But you must make sure you set clear to follow rules that all of your employees can follow with ease. You need to set the example too, so don’t let them see you breaking these rules or they will do the same thing. Set the rules out in a numbered format and make sure they are somewhere easy to see. You should also formulate an employee packet with which they can access the rules by themselves. Being able to read up on these rules is paramount. If they can’t find the rules then they won’t follow them.

















Use External Training

You can either choose to enroll your employees on an online training course, there are many safety courses online for you to check out and enroll them on. Or, if you wanted to be thorough you could train each and every one of your employees in the same courses. IT will cost money of course, but if anything goes wrong you can show due diligence which will stand up in court and aid in your defense. External training does also mean that your workforce will benefit from expertise which they can bring back into your business and contribute to its success.

Ensure There Are Clear Consequences for Endangering Life

If you see someone do something silly, like go near electrical mains without protection or use a form of equipment without the right personal protective equipment (PPE) then you need to come down hard and set an example. Make sure you have a clear disciplinary process which you can follow and make sure you follow it. Doing this will show your employees that you mean business when it comes to health and safety and give them incentive not to break any rules you have in place. It can sometimes be hard doing this when an employee has only made a simple infraction, but it needs to be done to ensure people stay safe.

Provide the Right Equipment

You don’t want to skimp on costs here. Get the right equipment and make sure it is of a certain quality. That means the quality of steel toe cap boots for example instead of the cheaper kind. Your employees will appreciate you getting them the quality items over the poorer kind. If you don’t give them the right equipment then they won’t wear it.


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