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More cars are being produced than ever before and that is because more people own cars than ever before; some people even have more than one. This automotive boom has brought around a wide range of businesses opportunities, not least of which is the need for repair garages. This is a great business to get into for some many reasons. There is the constant need for people to get their cars repaired and serviced. The chance for you to do what you love doing as a petrol-head. The chance to make good money and be your own boss. However, there are also a few pitfalls one needs to avoid. As such, we have compiled some advice to help you successful go it alone in the car repairs trade. You can thank us later.

Get a Good Reputation

Unfortunately, small garages quickly garner bad reputations. Customers seem to forget that you are just like any other small business that is trying to make it. Instead they often think you are scamming them out of money simply because they don’t know the first thing about cars. As such, it is important you do all you can to ensure you get yourself a good name from the outset. A great way of achieving this is to join a reputable business network, a name that people trust. It could be the AA, or Trust My Garage, or any one of the others out there. But make sure you get on board with a respected, reliable and trusted brand. It’s your way of proving that all work completed by you is done to a high standard and at a fair cost. But that isn’t all that these memberships offer; they will also help with your marketing strategies.

Build Strong Relationships

Yes, we are talking about your customers, but not exclusively. Building a great bond with your customers is going to ensure they keep coming back to you. So talk to them, tell them what is going on with their car, maintain regular communication with them throughout the process, don’t land them with any shocks and get to know them as people. The more they trust you, the better chance you have of succeeding over your competitors. But relationships aren’t all about the customer, it means the suppliers too. In order to keep your customers happy, you will need to be trusted for quality and efficiency, which means you will need to trust your suppliers to deliver both of these as well. Chances are, the smaller suppliers will be the ones who value you service more than big corporations. So if it is a seal for a rotary shaft that you need, have a look at what the guys at http://www.eclipseseal.com/ can offer, and see what deals they can do for partnerships.

Make Sure You Keep Learning

A willingness to learn will help you succeed. Trust us. Maybe it is business management you aren’t confident about, or a certain make of car that is becoming popular on blogs, or a niche car that people are blogging about, or how to use social media. Whatever it is, learn. The internet offers a free education to all those that seek it. Remember that.


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