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Launching a product is always an exciting and a nerve-wracking prospect. Especially if it’s the first one your business is sending out there. But it doesn’t have to be a complete mystery. You might have more control over how the launch goes than you expect. You just need to pave the right road for the product.










Spread the Hype

The product needs to have plenty of anticipation built for it long before the launch begins. This means launching a comprehensive marketing strategy of your own. But it also means getting others to spread the word as well. Send news of the product to influencers and get networking with businesses that share the market. They need to start building a buzz around the product so more people notice it a lot earlier.


Take It on the Road

That buzz is going to be a lot more helpful when you highlight the consumer’s opportunity to see the product up close and even give it a test. Trade shows can be an excellent way to win some space and attention for a product before it’s broadly available. It also gives those same influencers the chance to get their hands on it so they can relay all the gory details to their audiences.


Make Sure It Goes Where It Needs To Go

On the day of the launch itself, you better make sure that you’re actually able to meet the demands of the customer. False exclusivity can work sometimes, such as in the case with music streaming service Tidal but only for the short-term. Instead, you want to make your product as available as possible. If you can’t personally get it out to all the online retailers, then get yourself some ecommerce fulfillment companies that can. If you launch with little availability, you risk immediately losing whatever interest you have built.


Get Them Needing That Product

As well as the product, itself, you need to think about what you can offer to get under their skin and have them developing a need for the product. For instance, you could launch it with a product demonstration video showing an in-depth look at the values it has to offer. You could also offer free trials at certain retail locations. Do what you can to make it an even more attractive proposition than it already is.



One of the most important parts of the launch is what exactly you learn from it. Collecting sales and marketing data is one thing. You want to know the human element of it. You want to know what people liked and didn’t like and what kind of response it elicited. Not only will that help you in further launches. It can inform the rest of the post-launch marketing.


The launch is important and messing it up can feel fatal. However, if it doesn’t get your product any publicity or visibility, don’t be afraid to reiterate and try again. If it gets the ball rolling but not all that much, then keep building on it as you go. Add new reasons to have a first experience or get a better second impression.


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