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These days, when you hear the word “marketing”, you’d be forgiven for thinking exclusively about social media campaigns, SEO and YouTube ads. Yes, digital marketing has made a lot of businesses a lot of money, and often it’s all a fledgling company needs to get by. However, they’re only one side of the story. Many modern businesses can still benefit from more traditional methods. Here’s a post that should help you decide whether they’re for you…


What Does It Mean?

 When you read “traditional marketing” on this or any other business blog, it basically refers to any kind of advertising, promotion or campaign that doesn’t rely on computers, and is therefore distinct from the “digital” marketing niche. These are materials and tactics that have been in use for decades, if not centuries, with a proven success rate that keeps them being used again and again. Billboards, newsletters, flyers, promotional items and newspaper ads all come under this title. TV spots and infomercials can also fit into the category of “traditional marketing”. While things like billboards can be totally dominated by larger brands, there are many more accessible traditional marketing channels which are more fitting for small businesses, such as large format digital printing services.


The Pros and Cons

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While all businesses can benefit from traditional marketing in one way or another, there are various pros and cons that need to be considered when you’re deciding whether or not to invest in traditional marketing materials. One glaring benefit of them is that they’re universally accessible. The large majority of business owners target demographics that are completely tech-savvy, and have regular internet access at their disposal. However, some more niched businesses are aimed at the elderly, or other demographics that rarely use the internet, or never use it at all. Furthermore, as digital resources become more and more accessible, flyers, posters, and other traditional marketing materials can give a brand a potent dose of professionalism. The biggest downside is generally the cost. Whereas digital marketing methods offer massive results for a relatively small investment, the ROI for traditional marketing is a little narrower. If you’re excited about the prospect of traditional marketing, it’s important to consider your cash flow, and whether or not you can really afford to invest in a traditional marketing campaign.


Plugging the Gaps

 Often, the best approach to traditional marketing, (for small businesses anyway), is to use it as a tool for supplementing your marketing campaign as it stands. For example, if you’re trying to reel in people from several different demographics, but your digital marketing seems to be attracting mostly men for some reason, then you can tailor a print or TV ad designed to appeal specifically to women. These days, you can even leverage marketing materials which bridge the gap between digital and traditional marketing. For example, more and more businesses are sending out flyers printed with a QR code which allows people to download their mobile app. If a full-blown campaign isn’t practical, then think about ways you can combine the two methods.



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