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In business, it is often surprising just how much energy must go into maintaining a positive image. Any business needs to ensure that the outside world views it as kindly as possible, as this has a profound effect on how well the business does far into the future. There are many sides to ensuring that this is the case; in many respects, the role of marketing is to make sure that a business is received in the right manner. However, there is something else that needs to be considered as part of this: the first impression that a business makes. As with people, a business only gets one chance at a first impression, and it is essential that it is as strong as possible. Let’s take a look, then, at some of the main areas in which this might need some consideration.










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All businesses need a website these days, and how that website looks is actually a hugely important facet of the business overall. If you want your business to be received in as positive a way as possible, then you will need to spend some time focusing on the website as well as you can. It should stand out immediately in some obvious way, whether by great content or outstanding web design; and it should fall directly in line with the business’ brand image. Being able to give a good first impression from the website is hugely important, as this is where the majority of your customers will first go to find out information about the company. Using a professional web design service like Web full circle should ensure that your website makes the best first impression possible.


Business Cards

Let’s be honest: just because the world of business is now highly digital doesn’t mean that the business card is dead, it is quite the opposite. At the end of the day, you will still find yourself having plenty of real-world meetings, and this means plenty of opportunities for the exchange of business cards. Therefore, it is wise to ensure that your business card does everything it can to give off the right first impression. This is a great example of personal identity crossing over with brand identity. In the perfect business card, you give off a great first impression of yourself, at the same time improving the image of your business.









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Customer Services

The way in which you communicate with your customers is probably the most important example of all of how to make a good first impression. It is vital that you train your customer service staff to give off a stellar first impression every time. Research shows that your customers make a lot of judgements about a business based solely on how they are treated over the phone, so it is vital that you make this process as keenly, expertly done as possible. With the right customer services approach, you should find that most of your customers have a decent impression of your business. After that, there is a good chance that they will spread the good word about your business if you are lucky, thus doing your hard work for y


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