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Arguably one of the primary things to look for in a business idea is whether or not it’s profitable. For your small business to make money, it needs to be in an industry that’s booming and doing well. The food industry is a great example of that, and here are a few business ideas to chew over:

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Dessert Restaurant

Dessert restaurants are becoming very popular as people look for a place to get a sweet treat without having to go to a full restaurant. The premise behind them is simple; you sell loads of delicious treats that people can eat in or takeaway. Popular things to make and sell involve cakes, pancakes, waffles, ice cream sundaes, and smoothies. These places are popular with people of all ages, which make them very profitable. Especially if you make your desserts available for people to take away, meaning they can pop in after going out for a meal and get a dessert from your place instead of the restaurant they went to!

Food Processing

Food processing is a very good route to go down as it’s in demand these days. If you walk down any aisle in a grocery store you’re likely to find so many products that have been made via food processing. This includes processed meats, fish processing, even processed cakes and sweet treats. You can start this business by finding a place to set up everything; I’d suggest a warehouse of sorts. Then, find equipment and supplies, and you’re good to go. It can take a while to get started, but it’s worth all the effort.

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Juice Bar

The world seems to have gone on a bit of a health craze. More and more people are putting an emphasis on healthy eating and living well. One of the things that is really thriving in this climate is juicing. Juicing is the act of drinking raw, natural, juices, which are great for your body. So, you can start a juice bar, and sell juices to people. You make them to order and can serve them on the go. It’s a great idea as there is loads of cash to be made when it comes to selling healthy foods.


Nutrition Coaching

Starting a nutritional coaching business is a great way to take advantage of the food industry. People will always be keen to know what they should and shouldn’t eat or what makes the perfect diet for them. What your business will do is set people on the right path and coach them on their eating habits. You can even include an online portal for customers to log into and get access to nutritional coaching resources like meal plans and food information packs. It’s a very profitable business idea, particularly if you market it towards people looking to exercise more and get into shape.


All four of these ideas are different, but they can all make you a lot of money. Consider which one is most suitable for you, and you’ve got yourself a winning business idea to pursue.


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