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It’s always important to seek out new customers, whatever your business is. Relying on a small customer base is a risky strategy, and it only takes a few incidents to start causing you enormous problems.

The big question is, where do you start looking for new clients and customers, and how do you reach them? We’re going to explore some of the simple things you and your marketing team need to be doing to grow your prospect lists and win new business. Let’s take a closer look and get started with some of the basics.












Get to know your ideal customer

Who is your ideal client? Are they a man or a woman, do they work in business or are they in a trade? How much money do they earn, and what drives them on in life? If you can get as much information on your average customer as possible, you will be able to draw up a clear and accurate picture of them. Then, it’s a case of seeking them out, and presenting your business in a way that will appeal to them.


Market research

The next step is to do some market research, to find out where your customers are. Make sure you use your results to inform things like your website design and target the sort of blogs that your customers read and apply to write guest posts. Not only will it raise awareness of you and your business, but it also sends signals to the likes of Google that you are becoming an authority, so improving your rankings in the search engines. Location-wise, mortgage mailing lists can be ideal for direct marketing purposes, for example. You can find out what sort of person is living in an area, how old they are, and how much they are worth – all important factors for deciding on your choice of market.












Give incentives to current customers

Still struggling to find new clients? If so, why not use your current clientele and persuade them to do the hard work for you? You can offer them discounts on future purchases, or exclusive access to new products if they bring a friend in with them, or recommend you to someone else. Don’t forget, word of mouth advertising is still, by far and away, the best marketing tool at your disposal – make sure you are using it!


Be newsworthy

Ever wish you could be like your competitors and be featured in the national or local news? It’s a lot easier than you might think. As long as you have a newsworthy story, it shouldn’t be too hard to attract the attention of an industry or local journalist. Maybe you have some interesting buying stats to share, or have noticed a particular trend in your industry? Sit down, have a think, and research some vital information that will attract people’s interest.



Finally, make sure you are attending as many business events in your community – and industry – as you possibly can. You will meet all kinds of people, and with a little work on your elevator pitch, should be able to pick up plenty of willing customers along the way.



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