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When it comes to selling, businesses tend to fall into two categories. Some companies solicit new business as soon as they have exhausted revenues from their existing clients. They focus on outreach and the hard sell, and they need new customers quick in order to avoid going under. Life in these businesses is stressful and manic, and every day brings new pressures to find clients and expand.

The other type of business is quite different. This is a business that relies more on inbound marketing. It doesn’t go out of its way to find new business and target specific individuals. Instead, it builds a base and then lets customers come to it. It’s a far less exhausting approach than chasing the next deal, and it’s also a heck of a lot more sustainable, especially if you’re a solopreneur or only have a small team.

Being more like the second type of business is challenging, though. Let’s take a look at how to make it happen.


Start Creating Your Own Tribe

Businesses that aren’t always chasing new customers often have a pull that extends beyond the individual people in the firm. It’s a type of magnetism that builds a base and keeps people interested over the long term.

One of the best ways to do this is to set yourself up as a personality on social media and YouTube. You want to be the go-to guy for people in your particular industry when they want some advice, or they want to find something out about a product. Being useful helps you create a pool of followers who will stick with you as you grow your business. When the time comes for them to use your services, they won’t bother checking out your competitors. Instead, they’ll come to you because they trust you and they know you.


Make Paying Really Easy

Sales performance isn’t just about creating a tribe, it’s also about making it really easy for people to pay. Some people are just trigger happy: they like clicking the “buy” button on a whim, and you need to take advantage of these people. Offer mobile credit card processing so that your customers can pay over multiple platforms, no matter where they are located. And send invoices to clients allowing them to pay there and then using credit card software. Given that around two-thirds of all online shoppers cite payment problems as their number one reason for abandoning their carts, it’s essential that businesses deal with this problem fast. Get proper payment systems..


Make Yourself Liked

How does one win friends and influence people? Often it’s not actually about what you say or do, it’s about what other people say about you. People are far more likely to believe their peers when it comes to your product than they are your own marketing material, so leverage this fact. Focus on getting referrals and great reviews. Invest in customers who you believe will be great ambassadors for your company, even if that means chatting to customers at your food shop who you know have influence in the community.


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