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Promoting your business is a constant task that you need to put your all in. There are so many different ways to promote yourself, and you can be as weird or as wonderful as you want, there will always be another business out there that is working twice as hard to get their name heard above yours. Marketing campaigns are, in big businesses, costly affairs, and if your business is not able to spend millions on ad campaigns and affiliate marketing in a bid to increase sales then what can you do that is affordable but is also enough to make you stand out from the crowd?

Invest In Creating An App













Cell phones are pretty much the key method of communication now. People use them to text, whether by using IM or any other apps. Using an app to get to a customer is a prime bit of marketing savvy. The app is the secret weapon in the digital marketing game, and you can use a company like Kogneta to work with you on increasing your digital marketing via other techniques such as SEO and content marketing. You can go down the road of getting ad banners situated on apps like every other business does, or you can go one step further and create one yourself. And does it need to be technical? Not necessarily. As long as what you create is linked very closely to how your business operates you cannot go far wrong. Remember, the apps that do big business are games or anything that requires an emotional investment. Much like advertising, the ad that gets the customer to feel something is the one that will generate more resonance which translates to sales.


Create A Video

YouTube means that there are so many people out there that have become celebrities by uploading a video from their camera phone and, very simply, just got the hits. While that is the short version, you can create content to help push your company into other areas, and get audiences you may not have thought were possible a few years ago. While it can be like catching a falling star to get a video online that gets millions of views, you can still use basic filming techniques to get something across. The idea just needs to be one that either catches the zeitgeist, or it needs to be linked to something that there is a huge need for. If you are compelling enough, it will get the shares.


Start To Podcast












Have you thought about utilizing the podcast to get your business heard? The rise of podcasters that seemed to come from nowhere are very common now, and with the equipment being used to make a podcast that has millions of subscribers, it doesn’t need to be the highest quality. The content needs to be compelling enough to warrant a listen. If you don’t feel that you are compelling enough to front a show, a lot of businesses sponsor shows, or episodes, and so your business will need to be actively advertised during the course of the episode by the host.




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