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One of the most common complaints that small businesses have is that they just can’t seem to attract people to their websites, no matter how much SEO they do. It’s a big problem and one that can affect even established businesses.  Companies frequently complain about the fact that their website just seems to be sitting there, not doing much in some obscure corner of the internet. And when owners go and check the website statistics, they’re often appalled by the fact that they’re getting six of seven unique visitors a month.  Fortunately, there are ways to change this and make sure your site becomes a hub for conversations. Check out these ideas.


Start Writing An Amazing Blog

Most companies have some sort of blog of their website, but usually, it’s because of some product they’re trying to push or some facts about a new client. It’s all rather boring to people out there in the land of the internet. What they want is something that is actually useful to them and helps them solve a particular problem.










Moving at the Speed of Creativity


This is where the word “amazing” suddenly becomes important. People want to be blown away by your insights, and they want you to tell them things that they had never thought of before. This isn’t about keeping a personal diary of all your problems, it’s about addressing issues in the real world that affect the people who your company targets.

Let’s say that you run a website design company. You’re struggling to attract visitors to your site (a bad sign) and so you think about what it is that your customers are interested in. Well, if they want great website design, there’s a good chance that they are running a business. And if they’re running a business, there’s a good chance also that they’ll want to sell their customers stuff through their business. So how about writing a blog like “10 Ways To Subtly Get Your Site Visitors To Click the Buy Button.” This sort of post will get a lot of clicks because it is useful for businesses and it will contain a lot of things that they wouldn’t necessarily have thought up themselves.


Give Away Your Best Work, For Free

There are so many people out there producing content that it’s often hard to get noticed, especially if your content is behind a paywall. Most creatives don’t have to fear piracy as much as they fear obscurity, so if you want to get your material out there and get people interested in what you’re doing, give away stuff for free.















This could include things like a series of tutorials, an e-book, a chapter in a blog series or a bunch of explainer videos other people can embed on their site.

There are all sorts of tools out there, including Creative Commons licenses that allow you to dictate how people use your material. Put out some of your most valuable content, but don’t put it all out there. Keep some in reserve and when visitors arrive at your site, charge for it.




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