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Within an organization there are many different career paths to get to the top such as Operations and Sales but in the end no matter your background, an understanding of finance is key to reaching that top position.  Most business decisions involve some type of financial impact.  With this in mind, when organizations are thinking of promotions they want their senior leaders to be comfortable in the world of finance.

During financial management workshops that I led for participants without financial backgrounds there were a couple of common themes of why they were attending the workshop:

  • Lack of understanding of key financial terms
  • Inability to financially analyze key information
  • Inability to follow financial conversations in meetings
  • Uncomfortable when financial topics were discussed
  • Required as part of a company development plan

Trying to navigate the world of finance can be overwhelming. There is so much information out there. A business finance coach could help you navigate this world.  With a business finance coach you could:

  • Cope with the fear factor around business finance
  • Explain finance in easy to understand terms
  • Build up your financial acumen to properly analyze results for decision making
  • Only focus on the key financial indicators relevant for your company
  • Assisting you with real time problem solution scenarios

Based on your finance level, sessions can be delivered over the phone or in person as often as you like. It is recommended that sessions occur weekly as skills are developed on a step-by-step basis in order for you to build confidence and skills.  In addition, our coaching sessions generally follow along this course:

  • Package 1: Five sessions – Gaining financial understanding of business finance

Covers key financial definitions, basic financial statements, key performance indicators and the world of capital raising.

  • Package 2: Five sessions – Using financial information to manage

Covers the concept of management accounting and includes product costing, product pricing and organizational and department budgeting processes.

  • Package 3: Custom program

This is available for specific needs such as assistance with an urgent business decision or specific financial areas when the participant already has some knowledge of business finance.


Call today to discuss what package is best for your needs at (312) 772-6105.  Loftis Consulting has over 20 years of helping business leaders succeed in finance. To learn more about Loftis Consulting visit our website.






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