| IRS Form 990 Is Not Just a Financial Tool but a Promotional Tool for Your Non-Profit

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What Is IRS Form 990?

It is an information return filed annually by most tax-exempt organizations.  Tax-exempt organizations may include charities and fundraising organizations.  IRS Form 990 not only includes financial information about the organization such as amounts raised, expenses and so on but also operational and programmatic information.  The inclusion of this non-financial information is an opportunity to further promote the mission and accomplishments of the organization.

What Are the Steps for Using IRS Form 990 as a Marketing Tool?

  1. Know your audience

Many different people read the IRS Form 990. They may include your clients, customers, members of the community, funders and potential donors.  The audience is reading the Form 990 to make sure that their money will be or currently is being put to the use that your brand stands for.

  1. Make sure your verbiage in Form 990 speaks to the brand

The first thing a reader of Form 990 will see about your organization is the written statement in Part I that describes the mission of the organization.  Make sure this mission statement is clear and speaks to the goals of the organization that is in line with the organization’s branding.

In addition, IRS Form 990 allows you to provide additional information regarding organizational programs that goes beyond dollars and cents. For example, Schedule M for Supplement Information and the Statement of Program Service Accomplishments in Part III, are free form sections that allow you provide additional details about changes in the operations of the organization as well as statistical information such as clients served, employment statistics and so on.

  1. Be consistent

The language that you use in your Form 990 needs to tell the same story as the rest of your organization’s marketing materials. In other words, keep on message.


By taking these tips into account, you will be able to use Form 990 to communicate the organization’s mission, inform your audience of its accomplishments and help the organization shine.

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