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Loftis Consulting is now offering virtual bookkeeping services for small to mid-size businesses.  This can be a stand-alone service for businesses that need someone to track expenses or an add-on service to our outsourced CFO offering.  To learn more about our outsourced CFO services follow this link.

What is Virtual Bookkeeping?

Virtual bookkeeping allows a bookkeeper to telecommute instead of physically working at your office.  The services offered are the same as an on-site bookkeeper.  A virtual bookkeeper will use an online bookkeeping system to manage your financial records, review and update financial statements and reconcile accounts.

How Does It Work?

It depends on your needs and system capabilities.  There are two options Loftis Consulting bookkeeping services:

  • Option 1 – You provide us access to your existing accounting system remotely for either a desktop or cloud based accounting system. The accounting system is owned and paid for by you.  As your bookkeeper, Loftis Consulting just accesses the accounting system in order to manage, update, review and reconcile financial information.  In addition, any supporting documentation needed is provided by you to Loftis Consulting electronically or through the mail.


  • Option 2 – Loftis Consulting uses our own cloud based accounting system to manage, update, review and reconcile your financial information.  This system is maintained by us but you have access to the information and reports as well.  In addition, Loftis Consulting provides an online system for you to upload the supporting documentation needed for us to maintain your financial books.

Why Hire a Virtual Bookkeeper?

A virtual bookkeeper may save your company money since we will not need office space.  Also, as an outside consultant, we work as independent contractors saving you benefit and payroll tax costs.

How Much Does It Cost?

Loftis Consulting offers flat rate pricing based on the estimated number of monthly financial transactions required to properly manage your financial records.  Our pricing packages are:

  • Start-up Plan – $200/month
    • Up to 25 transactions
    • Up to 2 employees
    • Up to 2 credit or bank accounts reconciled


  • Growth Package – $400/month
    • Up to 100 transactions
    • Up to 5 employees
    • Up to 2 credit or bank accounts reconciled

Custom Packages are also available for businesses with a higher number of monthly transactions.

Loftis Consulting defines transactions as a financial event.  For example, entering an invoice from a vendor would be considered a transaction.  If Loftis Consulting manually entered the bill payment to this vendor instead of it being part of the bank download process, then it would be considered an additional transaction.

To learn more about Loftis Consulting’s bookkeeping services call us today at (312) 772-6105.


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